No wait for Court, Faisla on the spot!

Senior BJP leader Vinay Katyar , while sharing dais with Union Minister Rajnath Singh at an election rally last week, had said that if the party gets a majority, the party will ensure the Ram temple is built in Ayodhya.

Somewhere it means that there is no role of Supreme Court of India and if his party(BJP) will get majority then Ram temple will built in Ayodhya.

This is not the first time, with every election leaders of almost every party use the issue of Ram mandir and Babri Masjid just to gain the votes a community.

So many statements were given on this issue and now it seems like that there is no role of the Supreme Court of India like BJP, Union Minister Kalraj Mishra said that the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya has always been a top priority for the party.

Ram mandir issue is like a promise of Election Manifesto, which is are chanted before elections, what happen after the elections, like most of the promises are left behind or in the papers.

Governments changes with time, issue raise in every election since that dispute but it’s been 24 years but nothing happen except promises.

If someone ask about Ram mandir after the election, then it became the matter of Supreme Court of India.

With every election, political became superior that every authority, whether it is supreme court or any other.

Now the question arise is that, issues like this is only raised for the political advantage or to gain the votes of a community otherwise it has no meaning.

#Mohammad Asad


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