Will Baba ask to vote for kejriwal..?

During the 2017 uttarakhand polls, Baba Ramdev after casting his vote asking people to stir out of their homes in large numbers and vote for a clean government and said voting should be mandatory.

Yoga guru Ramdev said “I appeal to people to venture out in large numbers and vote. Karo vote par chot, mitao prajatantra ka khot (vote for clean democracy), this is what I say to people,”

Baba also added “Vote for clean candidates and if you feel there is an army of corrupt nominees, vote for the less corrupt,” Ramdev said.

Now what if these election are in delhi or will baba Ramdev stick to the statement he made in the uttarakhand election 2017.

If we delhi, Aam Aadmi Party  of Arvind kejriwal is the youngest and least corrupted party as compare to BJP and Congress.

so if he stick to his statement of Vote less corrupt  than somehow he will support the AAP, but any thing can be happen although its politics so lets wait and watch.

#Mohammad Asad Pasha


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